Summer Chafing Solution with UnderSummers

Every Summer the dressed chafing issue that come along with bare legs is something I have to face every year.  Im always on the look out for new products that not only product my skin but it also easy to wear and fashionable.  There are tons of products on the market but a lot of the spray or rub on items work well until I am wearing silk or satin then I get stains on my clothing.   There are also bands and other under garments but they rather fit too loose or feel like they are sliding down or riding up.
Needless to say finding something that is not messy, fits great, and protects me all day against chaffing that doesn't increase my body temperature is not easy.  I was combining different items together in order to get the protection I needed. It was not idea but it was my only solution.

This summer, I found a whole new product that works for me.  A company is called Undersummer and I came across them on my Instagram.   I thought "what the hell!!! There is no harm it trying out something new!!!"   Thank God I did!!!

First a little bit about Undersummer.  CarrieRae created the "shortlette", as she calls it. out of her own need for comfortable rash protection under skirts and dresses.  Living in Houston TX, she knew she has to create a fabric that was breathable as well as absorbable to fight against the Texas humidity. She was sick of cutting of her panty hoes, ill fitting shape wear, and bulky short under her dresses and skirts.

I receive two different type of shorts.  One was with a lace detail high thigh and the second was the classic slip short.  First,  the lace shortlette color and style was so cute I found myself lounging around in them.  Usually when I am getting dress I wear a larger shirt until I put my dress on.  But with this, I found them so stylish that I didn't need to put something over them.  They just looked like I was wearing shorts.

The classic shortlette, was also very comfortable and maybe a bit too comfortable.  As soon as I put them on I felt like I was wearing nothing.  I was a bit afraid that they would role at the leg or fall at the waist as I walked but it didn't. They didn't move.  The were so good I kind of forgot I was wearing them.

I find myself lounging in Undersummer without a care in the world.  They are stylish and comfortable enough to where I didn't feel like I am wearing undergarments but a cute short pants.  I decided to snap some photos to show how great they worked for me.

I am so happy to have found this product.  I can see me wearing it not only in the summer but thought the winter to.  If you want to try Undersummer for yourself click here . Plus Undersummer is giving all my stylistas a discount.  Just add code THANKS20 to get 20% off your first order.

photos by ArtnLee
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