Fashion Magazine Best of 2018

As a blogger, and an all around fashion enthusiast, I still purchase physical magazines every so often.

Magazines has always been my escape from reality so even thought I have online subscription, I still like to purchase a magazine and thumb through the pages.

There is nothing like thumbing through a magazine on a Sunday morning while sipping over priced coffee in Gentrified Brooklyn.  lol

This year I found I'd purchasing more magazines then years before.  With way too many magazines on my table, I thought it would be nice to close out 2018 with a best of. 

Here are my Best Fashion Magazine Covers of 2018.  They are in order of when they came out only.

January: Lupita For American Vogue
Balance on a surfboard in a sequin swimsuit/gown and call it Wellness...yes please. I just love her and how she rocks her natural short hair with no issues

March Allure -Speaking of Hair...

 Maybe it was Black Panther coming out  and all the hype behind the natural hair and deeply African positive representation the movie bought but I was very happy to see Lupita again and with a crown of braid and beads.  YES QUEEN!!!!

July: Curvy Women Vogue Arabia

Haven women of a certain size on the cover of Arabia magazine was a great step in a positive direction for women in the Middle East.  Was very happy to see all bodies in all shapes being represented.

August: Travis+Kyle+GQ=Internet breakdown

I could not escape this photos for weeks!!! It maybe be simple, sexy and not ground breaking but it was one to be remembered for 2018 all because the internet wouldn't let me.

September: Naomi for Vogue Paris, Rianna for Vogue British and Beyonce for Vogue US

Everyone in fashion knows that September is the biggest Issues for all Magazines.  Vogue get so big its commonly known as "The Bible".  I say all this so you understand ground breaking reliant of Beyonce being Editor and Chief of this edition.  I am not a Bey-Hive-er but I do recognize the importance of her  being the editor of such an monumental issue.  Also for her being the first to have a black photographer shoot the cover of Vogue.  
Also this was the first time three black women grace three different magazines for September Issues.
What a month

November: Zoe Kravitz Rolling Stone & Ellis Ross for In Style US

These women show that second generation of famous Fathers and Mothers are just as great!!!

December : Michelle Obama Elle US

If you forgot about the Icon Fashion living legend, and former first Lady, Michelle Obama you gonna remember her know.  With a best selling book and fashion to boot, she is here to show us that the White House is not  the end.  What a great way to close out 2018.

Hope you all enjoyed my list.  Cant wait to see you all in 2019.  Happy New Year....


"This collection is for the woman who’s unafraid to be feminine and is looking for something emotional."
-Eyan Allen SVP of Design Lane Bryant

Recently Lane Bryant gave bloggers, press and influences a look at the Fall 2018 collection.  Lane Bryant early fall collections are filled with light, nudes and neutral colors.  I didn't expect a fall collection to be so light and almost spring like.  Maybe its the longer warmer days of last fall or the influx of these colors on Fashion Week runway but Lane Bryant has given a great and lighter collection this Fall.  

Designer Eyan Allen has breathed freshness into Lane Bryant collection for a few seasons now.  Having a background high end designer, you can tell that he is pushing the Lane Bryant women into high fashion through high design.  

This is most prevalent piece in the collection was a little black dress I saw as soon as we walked into the preview.  Its asymmetrical, one sleeve and fabric is a smooth crepe that is sure to move and flow freely over any body.  Needless today I am  in love with this little black dress and I'm sure it will be a huge seller in the fall.

The collection I loved the most  "Chic Style Femme"will be release in September. This collection is filled with black, hot pink, leather and dresses that have  feminine touches.

Overall the collection is great and appeals to a more softer feminine style.  I see a lot of items that can be added to my closet that wont disturb my closet but add to my collection.  Since I have been on a rose gold, blush kick for the past few months, I'm sure anything I pick from this collection will go well with what I have bought from the Spring Collection. 


On September 15th at the Brooklyn Kings Theatre, comedian, actress and Emmy Award-winning host of "The Real" Loni Love hosted Ashley Stewart Finding Ashley Finale.  
This is the second year the plus size store has held this event commencing their country wide search for their representative of their company.  

The event featured performances by  Naughty by Nature, SWVMC Lyte,  Denise "Saucy Wow" Belfon.,  We cant forget about DJ Kid Capri keeping us dancing and grooving all night long.  I got a chance to be in the media pit with the likes of Plus Model Magazine, Queen Size Magazine as well as other bloggers and Influencers. 

It was a start studded night that I started off on the pink carpet.  I got a chance to talk to some of the judges, host, celebrities and guess of Ashley Stewart event.  

In its second year, this was the first year I got to photograph and interview and truthfully, being in the press pit acts up my social anxitey to the 10th power.  But this was one of the most chill press pits I've been in.  Here are some photos of host and events going on outside the event.