CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!! This week I am graduating with my Masters in Fashion Merchandising and what a experience I've had.  Being in my 30's, and out of school for over 10 years, I was so scared that I couldn't do it.  I wondered if I would even be accepted let alone do a term paper?
I had to learn all over again but through the help of the LIM family I made it through.  Thank God I never have to read a text books again!!  Now that my thesis and projects are all done and the robe is pressed the next question of course is.....WHAT TO WEAR?

Just because I'm wearing a robe doesn't mean I didn't put some serious thought into what I will be wearing.
This is a major mild stone for me and I want to look my best. As well as looking good, I want to feel confident and comfortable while being plus size.  I cant say that being plus doesn't weighs on my choices but I do recognize that I represent the community to the fullest extent.  Cant show up with a skirt too short or pants to small. Fashion Master like that....I think not!!!

 With this in mind I have put together some ideas for my graduation outfit. Maybe you can use them to or share with another plus size graduate searching for her perfect outfit.  But mostly, I NEED YOUR HELP.
Help me decide which one to wear?


I don't know influence from Andre Leon Tally and his caftans but I LOVE Kimonos. I wear them everywhere and ANY where.   I could be chilling around my Brooklyn apartment cooking, writing or watching TV and will have one on.  They are just the bee's knees and they look good no matter what. 
I now have 5 and can you believe I'm still looking to add 5 more before summer starts? Yes you can say obsessed but if Fairy Godfather Tally can do it so can I! My collection ranges from an authentic Japanese Kimono to a thrift store find! The great thing is that they all look good no matter the price. 

Take this one I am wearing for example.  A friend of mine IG'ed about it so I electronically sent her the money and ask her to buy me one.  (technology being used for the greater good of fashion...yes!!!) At a total cost of about 20 bucks you cant beat that right?

Besides the price, I love them for other reasons.  One, this is about as boohoo as my classic style can get.  Two, they're a quick and easy was to add color to my outfit. Three, they fit easy in my bag so I carry them for cold air condition train or cooler nights.   Finally, the style gets to instantly oomph up a bland outfit. 3


It's the first week of May so you know that that means....its time for The MET Gala.  I wait all year for the best, most fascinating red carpet event of the year.  As a fashion history enthusiast, this is a religious event and this year I mean that quite literally.  The theme of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Exhibit  is called "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination".

This exhibition shows how Catholicism, Vatican and the Pope have influence fashion throughout the years.  The exhibit is made up of 150 garments with 50 of those garments and accessories loaned from the Vatican.  Needless to say, the Vatican had put its stamp of approval on this exhibit.  Other designers next to these Vatican loans are Versace, Gabanna, Chanel and Valentino.

But enough about the exhibit.  Lets get down to what all of you are waiting for....THE FASHION!!!!

Here are the celebrities that took the "crown" of the MET Gala.