N.E.C. STYLE: Trend Guide for Fall 2009: Shoes

Trend Guide for Fall 2009: Shoes

Over the knee boots

Thinking pretty woman hooker boots? Lol. Think again...these boots are nothing like that. The cuts range from right to the knee to over the knee. These boots burst off the runway and is the most trendy boot this season. Even baby phat used them in their fall ads. They colors and textures range from the staple black leather to the exotic fabric leopard print. Skinny jeans works with this boot the best. Whatever your style and flava is, there is a pair that will fit you. Dress it up or down, these boots will make u look hot.

My fav: "Reva" 395.00 http://www.piperlime.com/

T- strap sandals

Yes ladies I did type sandals for the fall and they are all the rave. This is the shoe that can take you from day to evening. The deep fall colors paired heavy textures makes these heels perfect for fall. Pair the sandal with tights to complete the look. Remember these shoes are meant to be shown off so add a short skirt or corduroy short(another trend item) and you're set to go.

My fav: "Partida" 40.00 http://www.myspringshoes.com/


I was so happy when the flats remained apart of the fall looks. What a relief to my feet!!!! These flats are jeweled encrusted, snake skin and rich in color. Think that simple ballerina flat from two seasons ago dressed up in color and bling-bling. Pair with a wide leg trousers for work and your skinny jeans on the weekend. All I can say is yes yes yes to flats!!!

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