N.E.C. STYLE: The Right Denim Fit

The Right Denim Fit

The summer is officially over and the weather is cooling down. Now, denim becomes more apart of our closet. With so many new styles out there (boyfriend, skinny, slim leg, etc.) its hard to know what style fits your body type. Most blogs talk about women body type. I on the other hand liste by the areas women should consider when buying jeans. Plus, I don't like comparing women to fruits and shapes. lol
If you want to know you jean type visit http://www.jean-o-type.com/ to get a custom recommendation that considers your hight, rear shape and body type. If you don't want to take a measuring tape to your body, follow these simple instructions.

Thick Thighs
Do not look at the size of the jeans but wear the size that fits and don't worry about the numbers. Make sure you jean has at leases 2% lycra or spandex for best fit. If your have hips with the thick thighs try boot cut jeans. It helps balance the proportions more.
Best style: boot cut , flare, boyfriend, trousers
Best place to buy my style: Old Navy (sucks that they don't have in store plus size but the wider cut and free shipping makes up for it...a little bit)

Thick Middle
The best thing to do is fit your middle first. Stay away from pants with decoration around the waistline and choose medium rise jeans. Jeans with 4 % lycra and a patented denim weaving or a tummy control panel. This will help hide the middle and lift the bootie. The jeans should fall long and not cut into your stomach.
Best style: Boyfriend
Best place to buy: Avenue ( I know...you think old lady store but they must have gotten a new designer or something because there boyfriend jeans are great!!!)

Full Hips and Thighs but Small Waist
Look for a waistband that curves higher in the back then in the front. The key for you ladies is to streamline the legs. If your jeans still buckles in the back then add a belt and make sure it's thin enough to not over power the look but thick enough to support. This is a problem for myself so I feel you guys the most. lol

Best style: trousers, wide leg, & high waist
Best shop for my style : Lane Bryant "Right Fit" RED trousers (REDS are cut higher in the back then the front so your pants won't slouch in the back)

Petite and Curvy
The biggest mistake of this group when choosing jeans is the back pockets. Small back pockets mean bigger looking bootie. Try to stay away from small back pockets unless you love your bootie. Elongate your figure with a heels. Also, use darker denims in indigo and black to look slimmer.

Best jean for this body: slim, relaxed or strait cut
Best trendy cut: Hollywood skinny
Best shop: SWANK (sealed with a kiss)

Tall and Curvy

Isn't this the way we all want to be. Lol. Your lucky lladies one problem is length. Make sure your jeans fall long enough by having an inseam of 36 inches. The pants should break just at the top of the shoe and angles a bit downwards in the back end. If your jeans are too long get them tailored.
If your great fitting jean is a bit short, let the hem out. You'll like the funky BOHO feel it gives you especially in a lighter rinse.

Best jean for this size: all!!! boyfriend, skinny, high waist, trousers... take your pick
Best shop: Seven7 or Ashley Stewarts
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