N.E.C. STYLE: 12 Dresses of Christmas: Final Dress

12 Dresses of Christmas: Final Dress

On the 12th Day of Christmas my fashion fairy gave to me.

Little Convertible Red Dress by Monif C.
I special left this dress for last. It being the convertible dress you can easily find 12 different ways to wear this dress.
Plus size women love to get all we can out of our clothing because we never know if were going to find another one like it. This dress defiantly does up to that.
There are too many ways to tell how to wear this dress. Monif, the designer, has put up a few vids on YouTube on how to make this dress into a few of her classic styles. This short dress could even be done as a high waisted skirt!!! Can you belive it!! It just fab fab fab!!! Garantee ladies you will get so many too many different looks.
The color is absolutely to die for. This color red is a very cheerful, sexy, sophisticated red. The color screams holiday and sexy holiday at that.
Pick this dress up at
www.monifc.com or if you live in NYC, you can visit her plus size boutique in midtown Manhattan.
Thank you all very much on joining me on this adventure into plus size holiday styles.
My wings are tiered and going up until Christmas 2010!!! I have flown all around and showed everything anyone can wear this holiday. It was a lot of fun and cant wait till next year to do it again.
remember that you fashion fairy is always around. Any question or comments can be posted to my email necorg@gmail.com. Ladies...keep on dressing!!!
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