N.E.C. STYLE: Butterfly Bra @ Ashley Re-Post

Butterfly Bra @ Ashley Re-Post

I thought to re-post this in light of the day I found out my full figured fashion she-ro had passed.  
Miss you Mia Davis Amber

I had a few people ask me about bras and which one is best. Now I love my LB bras for cutieness but get my bra for support at my local bra store in nyc.
But ladies...ladies. The plunge butterfly bra at AS are fab...fatabulous
When the bra first came out I said there is no way I am putting on that contraption. Two straps in the back...how the hell can I get that on myself. Me being a blessed woman I thought it would just make me sit up too much and look fake.
But I am a fashionista so I wind up trying the bra out and it didn't fit my taste. The bone came up too high in the front and it just didn't look right in the kind of tops that I like to wear.
Well AS took the bra and cut it low and honey I am in love. I bought one and that was my mistake. Everything I put on looks better in this bra. Plus, my back is supported. I don't have back fat(the double band in the back takes care of that) The double straps in the back is real easy to get on...and off. lol The ma trial breaths and I haven't felt "sweat trickle" at all. The straps are not digging into my shoulders and my girls are sitting up but it doesn't look fake. Plus with the plunging neckline, it looks good in my low cut tops.
Get two two three ladies. You will love it. Just a note. The bra back is cut a big bigger so if your a 40 back you can take a 38...plus some AS will allow you to try it on...
Plus they are on Sale this Memorial day for 24.99...what a steal

Happy bra shopping ladies!!!
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