N.E.C. STYLE: HOT HOT HOT in The City: My HAO 2010

HOT HOT HOT in The City: My HAO 2010

HAO stand for "Heat Advisory Outfits"

This is a term I coined for my clients. With the hottest June on record and July becoming a record breaker too, many of my clients have been asking what they can wear in all this heat. With maxi dresses being this summers biggest trend but with 90 temp and huminity its hard to feel cool in a floor legnth dress. Here are some HAO outfit for when its to hot to follow trends but you still want to follow trends. I have pick out the perfect "heat advisory" outfits most of them are ones I wear myself (as pictured)

My top three HAO's are:

1. Jessica London V neck Sleeveless Sundress

I pair dress with snake skin peep toe shoes, empire waste belt and bordellow in the day and strapy heels and white clutch bag at night. (picture of me in the dress)

2. Lane Bryant Supima fabric tank & twill Bermuda shorts

The Bermuda shorts gives you the right length to cover but not as long as crops. Great for my petite fashionistas who don't like shorts. The new Supima cotton tanks doesn't cling to you when you sweat and supper light cotton as well (Plus they are on sale now buy 2 or more and get them for 15.00 a pc)
I wear this outfits everywhere so I have the tanks in a few colors and the pants as well. Parks, BBQ's, Friday work outfit, Saturday ...if its casual I wear this.

3. Qristyl Frazier-Dame Sexy Jumper

My fav designer and FFFweek FIRST EVER Designer of the year, QFD has done it again.

Qristyl does her jumpers in a variation of cuts. One shoulder, sleeveless or peasant sleeves, all are perfect for a quick summer outfit with no fuss. After this jumper was featured in Essence magazine I had to get one (well me second one lol) The fabric is breathable and flattering . Wear with long chains or short one...shoes? flats, sandals or heels. Basically with any and everything!!! lol

It is the one thing I can dress up with accessories and shoes or dress down with a loose scarf and cropped jeans jacket (in the ac filled office or extra cold trains)

Its my go to HAO outfit!!!
Stylist: Nanthale Collins
Photographer: Nixaviera (Nikki)
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