N.E.C. STYLE: Fashion Night Out!!! part I

Fashion Night Out!!! part I

Fashion Night Out in NYC was the best it has ever been. This being the second year the stores really gave us more.

More parties. More celibrities. More give aways and finally....more booze. Yep thats right. The campaine, margaritas and mohitos were flowing from 5th ave.

My FNO started in front of the new location of fashion week, Lincon Center. What alot of people didn't know was that if you particpated in the last show of that night you got a free ride aboard NYC Blue Line tour bus. That was a complet blessing considering I was wear brand new peap toe 4 in. heals.

I sat on top sipping my starbucks mixed drink called vanilla bliss(cant remember what was mixed with just remembered it was delish).

I sat talking to out of town fine fashionaires(men fashionistas!!!) and having a great convo on the collections we seen so far.

As we approched fashion ave we could see the crazyness and became very excited. There were dancers in the street and people shopping, walking talking going from Juicy to Bloomies to H&M!!!

I was having a lot of fun with my boys but had to bed them adue and hit up the plus size events for FNO.

LaneBryant was the place to be...as you can see from the pictures. Thanks for the great party!!!

The associates were dressing the part and showing us what FNO was all about. I loved the hearts on this Sales Associate

I love the top on one of the customer. I had to take her picture. Looking good.

The Plus Models were out and about as well. Check out Allison McGevna outfit. I loved what she was wearing as well.

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