N.E.C. STYLE: Pop up Plus!!! Sep 16--Sep 24

Pop up Plus!!! Sep 16--Sep 24

In the Willamsburg section of Brooklyn, just Under the BQE there is a new plus size shop and on Friday night the store open its doors to the public for the first time. Pop up Plus is a fashion boutique that will be at this present location for only a week. After that the store will relocate to another location. The store owner, Camille Newman, came up with this idea to bring Curry designers and their clients together under one roof for one porpouse. The store is just as I envision an boutique to be..small but elegant. It was a very refreshing seen with some very refreshing drinks and fellow shoppers.

Lotus fashion had a plus model at the store showing off there news style. Eddwina is seen here sporting Lotius floral wrap dress. A pop up store caring the trendies pieces for plus size women meant a culmination of where the Plus Size industry is doing. for Eddwina stores like Pop up stops the limitations of the curvy women and gives them an opportunity to break out with my edgy looks and I couldn't agree with her more
Below are pieces that I had to tell you guys about. The pictures do the closes little justice. but here is a sneak peak into Pop UP Plus!!!
ASOS TOPTier Ruffle Skirt Jibri
Fur vest by Damselle(only one left...maybe. lol)

So whats next for Pop up plus...new location of the store maybe DC. Will keep you all informed on where you can find the store next. But for those of you in the Brooklyn area, the store will move from Williamgsburg Sep 24.

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