N.E.C. STYLE: Bridal Week SP 2011: The trend is....

Bridal Week SP 2011: The trend is....

I know you all must wonder what fashion week don't I work!!!
The truth of the matter is Bridal Week is my favorite fashion week in NYC. The models are nicer, the pace of the show is slower and the fashion....breathtaking.

With all that said I must stay true to my followers and give what was hot in this season.

The 2010 bridal trend of the year!!!....one shoulder strap!!!!

For me that was the being of this trend started with Michelle Obama’s Jason Wu asymmetrical number in her first dance with the newly-inaugurated President Obama. From that to Queen Latifah in a cool complementing navy color at the Oscarsthis year. It was only natural that the One-shouldered dresses would make a star appearance at Bridal Week.

The asymmetrical or one-shoulder wedding dress was defiantly a hit on the runways. Very now, a little bit sexy, kind of edgy but also elegant-It gives enough flesh to show off your femininity but without having a plunging neckline. It also complements the "real" size women of all shapes. I find it a great alternative to the woman that is top heavy and needs the support of a strap but still wants the strapless wedding dress.

How was the one shoulder shown in bridal week?
There was one strap toga-style drape that looked effortlessly elegant and there was sleeve off the bodice or a lace strap.
The kind that I liked the most was the one-strap bodice, decorated with an eye-catching feature, such as a flower or brooch.

Some designers took there asymmetrical and Lacey gowns to a whole new level by dieing there wedding dress to black. This is also a big trend in Hollywood Red Carpet so don't be amazed if you see a number like this on the red Carpet....know it was actually a wedding dress.

Whatever the style or trend Bridal Week was a big hit. This is the best week of fashion because the venues are all beautiful high class hotels and no one is screaming for the next look. I may shed a tear or two before the week is over (common its wedding gowns!!! lol) but its tears of joy!
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