N.E.C. STYLE: Feeling Hot Hot Hot!!! Part 2

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!!! Part 2

Last year I talked about some of the fashion mistakes I am seeing as most of America is feeling this heat wave. It took a while for NYC to warm up but now that it is....look out!!!
Fashion mishaps and disasters were flooding the streets once again. And again....it was a nightmare.

Instead of jumping into talking about all the things I am seeing wrong in the heat wave I will start by talking about things I am seeing right.  Here are the summer do's that I am loving:

1. Maxi Skirts
I have fallen in love with this trend.  It's a trend that has been around for a few years but it really works with my 6 ft. tall body shape.  If your not Amazon tall (like me...lol) go for the high low skirts.  They have the same effect and shows of those stems.  This will make you look tall and lean.

2. Tasteful Mid-drift 
I know what your thinking how can mid-drift be tasteful for a plus women.  Well if you don't have a large stomach then you can pull it off.  Thanks to Gabbi's Galaxy Fat-kini and Jibri Crop Bustier, it has become fashion forward for women with curves to show a little bit of belly.  I am in love with this trend and love the confidence it takes for women to do this. I only hope that one day I can show some and not feel like I am giving rolls!!! lol

3. FLATS!!!!!
I have been seeing some FAB flats this summer.  Jeweled, embroidery, bow clips even feathers.  I have looks at a few women feet and gone WOW I like those.  Due to a week ankle I can not wear much heels so looking at flats have given me a new found appreciation.  Needless to say, my Tom's are worn out from me wearing them so much.  I think they are fashionable and humanitarian, but I do love some tricked out flats.

4. Cat Eye Shades or Glasses!!!
STOP MY HEART!!! Whenever I see I pair I think of "I Love Lucy".   Cat Eye's are supper cute feminine and no matter your face shape (as long as your wearing the right size) it looks good on you.

5. Fan!  
When I saw Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore, bust out her over sized church fan I thought "Yes big girls can now cool off on a hot day and not look weird!!!"  Thanks Mrs. America!!!

6. Stay cool.
I can't stress how staying cool makes you....well cool. lol
Carry baby wipes, powder, body mist (may I suggest Vicki S. Sheer Love.  It makes men melt everytime I walk past them) and 2 bottles of water. one for drinking and one for cooling your body off.
Its hot out there!!! Please stay hydrated.
Also, if you need to stop into a shop to cool off....don't be afraid, do so.  Passing out from heat exhaustion is never ever fashionable. lol

Now that we have talked about the good....lets talk about the bad!!!

1. Short SHORT SHORTS!!!!
If you are over 16 there is no reason to wear shorts that start and end at your ass (AKA Poom poom shorts!!!) And side note: If you wear shorts and your heavy set, they are going to ride up.  There is nothing you can really do about this but if you must wear shorts  make sure they are mid thigh.  I'm telling you, this looks so much better.

2. Just cause it comes in your size doesn't mean you should wear it. 
Nuff said!!!

3. Beach Flip Flops!!! (yes this is still going on!!! and I CAN'T STAND IT!!!)
Old navy Dollar flip flops all day is just wrong. There are so many things wrong with it I don't know where to start. Wait...yes I do.
One... they make your feet dirty bc your picking up all kinds of dirt and lord know what as you walk.
Two they offer no support which for plus size women will make your feet hurt more.
Three...they are way to casual for almost all work or social situations.  Any true fashion lover wouldn't wear them unless force by gunpoint.  Now if your wearing them to the beach or while your running around the house...fine.  Once you go out get your jeweled thong flats and go.

4. Makeup mistakes

Today I saw a woman with raccoon eyes. Her mascara must have started running and caused dark circles around her eyes. There is nothing worst then having perfect makeup fall because you were sweating.
If your makeup tends to fall because you sweat a lot....I suggest you wear very little to none. The sun kiss dewy look is in anyway so make it work. Some smudge proof mascara, peach lips with rosy cheeks is all you will need.

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