N.E.C. STYLE: Full Figured Fashion Week in NYC

Full Figured Fashion Week in NYC

It was my pleasure to work backstage for the third year in a row at Full Figured Fashion Week(yeah...three years running and three yrs Ive been apart of the show)

This year I worked on the stylist team and also loan my hand in the production crew and really enjoyed myself.

Backstage at any show is always three things...hot, heated and hectic. Model coming out of clothes, dressers running around, hair and makeup people prepping the models to go out for their third and fourth looks. Its everything you could imagine and more. AND I LOVE IT!!!! LOL

This year not only did I style a few ladies going to fffweek but also was on the style team for Kmart presentation of LYS at the main showcase. LYS stand for Love your Style. Its a new line for plus size women that that designers said "not for you grandma style you use to see at Kmart."

I was so happy to share this line with women and for them to finally see what Kmart has to offer the real size women. I know what you must have thought when you thought Kmart (believe me I did the same) but LYS is really going to change peoples mind. They hope to bring a fresh, younger more fashionable clientel, which I am totally digging!!!

Don't be live me...see for yourself

Spring/Summer Collection in stores now!!!

Who doesn't need a new romper, Aztec print shirt dress, and jumpsuit for under 75 bucks total!!! Talk about being full figured and fabulous. These styles come in multiple colors so no worries if these colors shown aren't what you like, Hurry in and get these looks because its gonna be gone when ladies start tweeting about these looks they saw in nyc!!!

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