N.E.C. STYLE: Fall Trend 2011

Fall Trend 2011

When you work the shows of Bryant Park...excuse me....Lincoln Center, you know the trends that are making it before most.

Me being a dressers for some of the biggest shows of fashion week, I get to see whats coming down the runway before it comes down the runway so I start making mental notes for my everyday women.

1. Purple is BACK!!!

If its on the front cover of the September issue you know its hot!!!

I never seen a color repeat two fall seasons in a row!!! Especially Purple. I guess we haven't' had enough of this color. Royal weddings and people wanting to feel richer got us wearing this deep regal color.

High pigment and saturated but oh so beautiful. Pair with gold accessories or the color mauve.

I am a converted Purple lover, but I pair it with other jewel color tones so I don't over do it.

It took me a while but I'm loving it!!!

2. Military gone....Colonial In.

Wide brim hats, coats with tails, old fashion buttons and single ruffle collars was all the rage on the runway. Men and women seems to reflect a time of American History that was complicated but simple and this trend defiantly shows that.

This is NEC's PICK of the season!!!

3. Leather

Boomer Jackets, Motorcycle, skirts, shorts....leather was everywhere in every show!!!
In all texture, colors and style Leather is going to be big for the fall winter. So get that new leather jacket and 80's style scrunch up those sleeves and keep it moving!!!

4. Maxi is still around...But with a twist!!!

The maxi look has gone from dresses to coats sweaters and skirts.

Long is in so Coats are supper long and sweater "dusters" (remember those) are in full swing.

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