N.E.C. STYLE: Marc Anthony Collection @ Kohls

Marc Anthony Collection @ Kohls

About 3 months ago I was invited to the special unvailing of Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez's lines for  Kohls Store.

Jennifer Line
Her line included clothes, jewelry, shoes and Home Decour. Kohls had a lot to offer there women shoppers which is all good.
Now the bad...Not to be funny but if J.Lo (name of her fist fashion line) became a mother that's what this line at Kohl's looked like. It reminded me a lot of the same stuff I have always seen from her.
Sorry but wasn't impressed. Can you guess from the title of the Blog!!! lol

Marc's Line

His line offered the basic apparel for men, accessories(tie and belts) and shoes. Not as much as Jennifer line true but the fashion and creativity was defiantly there.
I was pleased at the quality and gasping at the prices. Most of the pieces are less then 80.00!!!
As for the shoes, they were so modern, sexy and unique. Marc said that the shoes were inspired from his travel around the world and the shoes he picked up along the way and it shows!!!
Marc....stole the show for me.

Here are some of the peices that are must have:

Full Zip Sweater Track Jacket

Loafers, or Boots...they are all very Euro

In my opinion Marc's line wins when it comes to giving Kohl's shoppers something different and fashion forward. Its hard for men to get this kind of stuff. But with these prices it becomes easy.
Ladies go shopping for the special guy @ Kohls.com. I looked in stores and its mostly sold out but on line you can find some very good prices!!!

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