N.E.C. STYLE: 12 Dresses of Christmas: Day 12!!!

12 Dresses of Christmas: Day 12!!!

On the 12th (and final!!!) day of Christmas my fashion fairy gave to me....

K-Mart LYS

Gold Tunic Dress

This dress is the best among all the rest. Its gold, its pink, its short its amazingly beautiful. I've love this item from the first time I met it and it only got better as I kept seeing it.

Great on all body types. Belted or worn lose to cover those bulges its a great find.

And at 13.00!!! Ladies you cant beat this style AT ALL!!! I held the best for last and hope you all loved it!

Now my fashion wings are tired. Time for the fashion fairy to pack her wings.

Thanks to all who participated in this series this year and cant wait for next winter season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone...I'm out!!!!!

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