N.E.C. STYLE: My first Spring Outfit 2012

My first Spring Outfit 2012

My first spring outfit!!!!

Ok...we have not had a "great" winter (if you know me you know I love snow and cold so this 40 degree weather in January was not fun for me!!!) but spring is my second favorite season so decided to celebrate it.
I love Spring because I'm still aloud to wear my jackets and scarfs but with light weight fabrics underneath, which is exactly what I did!!!
I paired my asymmetrical jumper with my signature thick high waist belt. I work around a lot of men so I couldn't go with one bare arm. I paired with my military inspired crop jacket.
For accessories I kept the military feel and added my vintage gold wrisk cuff, and "Nefertiti" large necklace. To make it more feminine I added small diamond button earrings (later put on) and crystal cocktail ring. I added my"grandma" print scarf and 50's inspired sunglasses. The scarf tied in all the colors and added some pop to the black.
Do you recognize the glasses? These are the same ones used in the color shoot for Belle Noir magazine shoot.
I received a few thumbs up from my coworkers which are mostly men. That lets me know I was doing it right but loved when my nephew, who is as fashion savvy as I am, screamed "nice"!!!!
Finally, I got to credit the designers
Jumper: Q.F.D. (If you don't know who I'm talking about you really don't follow me well. Better start!!!! lol jk)
Military Crop Jacket: Veneiza line by Lane Bryant (yes it is now vintage because its not made anymore)
Necklace: Century 21
Scarf: Avenue
Glasses: Re-Dress
Cocktail Ring: gift from my assistant. Don't know where he got it but love it!!!

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