N.E.C. STYLE: From an expert point of view: Peek into my closet cleansing!!!

From an expert point of view: Peek into my closet cleansing!!!

I came home today at about 5:30pm and became obsessed with cleaning my closet.

I do this twice a year.  Some of my friends think its crazy but when you have closets as small as mine with fashion constantly being given to you or having to buy things for shoots or impulse buys....it can get kind of crowded.  I determined a while back to not have everything out for all seasons.

Now that its warming up (somewhat) I decided to change it over.  Putting up all the sweaters, long heavy pants and boot cut thick jeans. Pulling out maxi dresses, Bermuda shorts and no sleeve tops.

Like a good client I stuck to all the questions I ask my clients.  Have you worn it in a year?  Is it still your style?  Does it fit?...etc.

When I was finally finish I had a whole "HEAP" of clothing sitting on my bed with a bunch of empty hangers. It wasn't easy to get rid of some things. there was a lot of soul searching but at the end of the day, If you haven't worn it in a year...your not going too. I had never pushed myself to give away items that I thought I needed so it was difficult for me.

Now at 4AM!!! (I don't try to do a full cleaning in one day with a client.  It takes too long...as you can see) I can say I am very happy with the end results.  Clean organized closets.  A mend, give away, throw away and the newest addition...the sale pile.   These are some of the things I decided to sell.

Avenue Summer Dress
Color shoot for Belle Noire Magazine (Top only!!!)

Avenue Summer Dress
If you interested in any of these or other items go to nanthalecloset.bigcartel.com or click on the item you like.
I will be adding shoes, bags and accessories next.
Will leave that cleansing for another day!!!

Night people!!!! Got to get some rest!!! 
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