N.E.C. STYLE: The Big Fat Flea (NYC) & The Big Thrifty (Boston)

The Big Fat Flea (NYC) & The Big Thrifty (Boston)

The past two weekends I traveled around for the "No Lose" fund raising shopping events.  I had help organize volunteers for the Fat Girl Flea Market last year in NYC and wanted to see how the ladies in Boston do it up.
"The Big Thrifty" in Boston was an amazing event.  I first went to the event to help out my long time friend ,Deb of "Re-Dress", but couldn't help but notice some amazing items I couldn't live without.
The organizers were excited to see so many women of different sizes shopping.  I was more excited at the sharing and caring that was going on in the room.

I picked up a few dresses that were totally vintage and will show pictures very soon.  Dont want to give the outfits away just yet!!! Stay tuned!!!

See the 3-D pinky Ring!!!!
The next weekend it was in NYC The Big Fat Flea (formally know as the Fat Girl Flea Market).  There, I had a table to meet and greet with shoppers and gave away a free Closet Cleansing.  I meet some amazing fashionable women.  Myself, being a veteran to flea market shopping, knew exactly what to do once I was in.  ACCESSORIES!!! I felt that I got enough clothing from Boston flea, so it best to play in the accessories area before anyone else discovered (and bought) them. I grabbed every cute colorful print scarf I could find, some amazing bags and  a few pocket wallets that need some love and care as gift for my styling clients.

Overall both events were equally good for me.  I really enjoyed myself and the items I got.  I all ways love a flea market (remember I'm a shopoholic) and when you have a crowd of women helping and not being mean when shopping that really makes me happy.  Plus raising money for a good cause is always a good thing.

These events was unlike any flea market you could think of.  There was some shopping envy (when someone else finding an item before your did and) but for the most part it was so serious love in the room.  Women were picking things up and looking to their neighbor and saying "I think this works better for you...you should defiantly try it on!!!"  AMAZING RIGHT!!!!

Tell me...Do you like?

Love The cut of these shades!!! Awsome
3D Flower Pinky Ring...

Scarves as far as the eyes can see!!!

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