N.E.C. STYLE: Full Figured Fashion Week: My outfits

Full Figured Fashion Week: My outfits

A few have asked me what or who I was wearing during the "Grammy's of the plus size industry" aka Full Figrued Fashion Week.  Well ladies I am sorry to disappoint but I didn't get a chance to wear as many outfits as you may think.  When you're working on making the show a success backstage you hardly get a chance to wear anything else but black!!!
But when I was able to attend events instead of working them I wanted to wear color.  A year or so again, Miss. DeVoe (if you don't know who she is...google here!!!)  suggest that you wear more colors.  Mind you I do add pops of color but when you work backstage most of your closet become a sea of black.  But I decided this year to give it a try and do color all over.

Here are outfits I wore during fffweek 2012
 The All White Affair 
Dress: DKNY
Bag: Simply Be
Shoes: Cloud walker sling back
Ring: Forever 21
Watch: Avenue
Belt: Ashley Stewart

Indie Designer Showcase
(after my team and I was done with executing 150 looks..yeah we did that)

Jewelry: Honey B. Jewelry
Crop Jacket, top and belt:  my wardrobe
Full Skirt: Jibri (From here Fall collection...maybe)
Shoes: Avenue
Bag: Vintage 70's bag from the Big Fat Flea

thanks Melissa!!!

Retailer Showcase
(beautiful lighting that I didn't noticed until after reviewing the picture)
Jeans Crop Jacket: Lane Bryant
Necklace: Ashley Stewart(thank you Steve)
Men Tee
Skirt: Jibri
Bag: Prada
Shoes: Avenue

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