N.E.C. STYLE: Re-Dress Sweet Tea Lace Dress

Re-Dress Sweet Tea Lace Dress

I was asked by Re-Dress to try this dress out and give my opinion on it. My first thought was this wouldn't work for me.  I couldn't see my 3 XL, 44 DDD frame fitting this dress and making it work.  Being an image consultant, I have always told clients its no harm in trying something new.  So I thought to myself its time to take some of my own advice.   I went from, "thank you but its just not my style", too "sure why not!!!".  

The dress worked and I felt amazing in it.  It was a bit colder when I took the pictures so I wanted to show how to wear this summer dress for a fall. I paired the dress with teggings, high waist belt and cropped ruffle jacket.

Life Lesson Learned: Try it once...even if you think it won't work,  it probably will. That is reason enough to try it. 

Thank you to Deb and Rachel for sending me this amazing dress. 


I always give credit when credit is due

Dress & Teggings: Re-Dress
Crop Ruffle Jacket and Belt: Ashley Stewart
Earnings: Honey B. Jewelry
Other jewelry, glasses and shoes: Stylist own

Photographer: My road dog Matey Ghaslow
Makeup: Camelia Shantelle
Styling: Nant. C. (lol you know I couldn't let anyone else do it)
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