N.E.C. STYLE: Is it cold enough for leather pants?

Is it cold enough for leather pants?

While at the mall I thought to stop into forever 21+ and see what new.  I'm always doing photo shoots so window shopping comes with the territory.  I walked up to some adorable leather pants and thought to myself "Is it cold enough to wear leather pants?" I thought what the hell and tried them on.   

After trying them on....for sure I could wear these right now.  They are not your typical leather pants   Soft yet breathable and not heavy at all.  Needless to say I fell in love.
I bought them right off the rack (which rarely happens at forever21 for me) and cant wait to wear them.  I'm going to match them with my sequins two tone top and blazer.  Something like this outfit below minus the super high heels (at 6 feet tall,  4" heels are not a requirement). 

If your looking for leather looking slim pants for the fall...forever21+ has your winner. They can be found online as well if you don't have a 21+ department in your area.
And for my non plus size ladies... don't worry...forever21 also has them in regular size. 
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