N.E.C. STYLE: Style: Pick of the Week: Avenue Colorful Pea coat

Style: Pick of the Week: Avenue Colorful Pea coat

We didn't have a very good winter last year. Most of you would say we had a great winter, but for retailers no snow and warm weather is not a good winter.  Its needless to say that the outwear fashion suffered the most.  Retailers are still recovering, but that hasn't stop them from putting out weather coats we cant wear right now!!!
The cooler weather caused me to take a peak at Avenue Coat selections and was very surprised to see so much color.  COLOR, COLOR,COLOR are all the rage for coats this season so it was nice to see that my plus girls once again can be on trend.  I think it was DVF or Marchesa did colorful coats last fashion week...(wow don't I feel like the devil wears Prada).
Orange, Royal, Candy Apple Red or Apple Green. Pick any one and stand out in any crowd.  WARNING: This is not to a jacket for the fashion rookie. You have to be confident and secure to wear these colors as your outerwear.  Just always remember....show your style!!!
Im very happy that The Avenue has picked up on this trend.

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