N.E.C. STYLE: Team Don't go with the flow

Team Don't go with the flow

While on line window shopping (real window shopping to too dangerous...lol) I came across some amazing prints and cuts.  I realized that Plus Size women too often wear the same cut or style because its easy.  They don't venture out.  They just go with whatever bloggers and stylist say its good.  Well enough of that!!!!

You should not go with the flow. 
I have based my fashion choices and style on one thing: surprise by choosing different prints, color and cuts.  

Dare to not go with the flow.  How to not go with the flow? Get a crazy print, Wear a non trending but classic cut skirt.  Don't just do animal print do animal print with color. 

Let your inner most style shine and don't go with the flow.  Leave a comments with whatever pieces you like. Better yet, show me how you down with team Don't Go with the Flow!!!

Check you all soon and enjoy!!!

Don't go with the flow

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