N.E.C. STYLE: Fashion Violations for the Fall 2012 season

Fashion Violations for the Fall 2012 season

I saw a woman wearing a set like this!
Okay ladies!!!  I love the Fall and the change in weather.  With the change, I walk the city a lot more. Over the past few days since fashion week, Im trying to take people and trends in.  Unfortunately it seems like the sophisticated women of NYC have forgotten some basic rules.
Everyone is allowed to make fashion mistakes.  Hey, it's part of learning what's your style.  But, these "violations" can not be forgiven.

Here are a few violations I hand ticketed myself over the past few weeks.  Please don't let yourself be a victim too.

2012 sweater set

1. Matching "twin" sweater sets
If your still wearing this you might as well get a string of pearls, gloves and head down to club Baballoo!
Twin sets are very cute for the fall and a great introduction to sweater looks but for the tank to be the same color as the sweater...very uncool.
Try mixing and matching your twins.  If you like your sweaters plain,  make sure that the tank has some kind of pattern or at lease a different color.  Changing the colors is a very easy way to do color blocking (yep it is still big for the fall).
Cardigans now come with sparkle,stripes and drapes this season.  Change from the traditional button down style if you can not do two different colors.

Color block pencil skirt

2. Loose fitting pencil skirts
When I play fashion cop and ask a girl  "omg!!! That skirt is swimming on you...did you loose weight?" 
I get the same reply from them all..."I just don't like my things tight on me!!!"
LADIES...its call a PENCIL SKIRT.  Its suppose to hug the curves.  Don't get pencil skirts in a size bigger then you need.  It just make you look wider.
If you don't want to show your curves but still want to be on trend, an A line skirts or Pleated skirt (pleats are in for the fall) is a better choice.

 I can't tell you how many women I'm seeing do this.
                 STOP THE INSANITY!!! 

My fave, fave model Ashley Gram wearing Cacique &
 SPANX high waist power brief

3. Wearing the wrong undergarment!!!
If you have a silk or polyester top you shouldn't wear a lace bra!!! Its lace...HELLO!!!
Now we all see your bra now!!!
Not a good move.
Undergarments can be your best friend if you wear the right size and the right garments with the right clothes. If you want to take the guess work out if it, try to get soft smooth material for your undergarments. My favorite brand of undergarments, the Full coverage microfiber bra from Cacique and a high waist SPANX .  This  works under most garments.
Also, if your wearing a skirt that is close fitting...you Need SPANXS to smooth your frame. Most celibi's do it so why not you!?!
Everyone know it make your clothes look better no matter what size you are.

 Now....you can't say no one ever told you!!!!
I know there well be more.  Stay tune...
pictures of items come from Lane Bryant.com & Cacique.com
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