N.E.C. STYLE: My fashion pick of the week: Sweater Dress

My fashion pick of the week: Sweater Dress

October marks the middle of Fall.  Shoe boot, tights, sweaters and  sweater dresses, my fav item, get pulled out of storage and into regular rotation.  If your like me, your looking for a new sweater dress in a unique cut and or color.  I stumbled onto Avenue.com and found some amazing styles.  They had a lot to choose from but, this one I loved the most.

The fabric is soft and flowing and the fabric is not too heavy.  Pair with boots (as seen in the picture), a piece of chunky jewelry and top it with a faux fur vest or moto inspired leather jacket.

No matter your size, style or flavor....this dress is sure to impress and keep your co-workers and friends guessing.


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