N.E.C. STYLE: My slight obsession with Jibri

My slight obsession with Jibri

For those who know me, I constantly rock Jibri at every occasion possible.  I know what your thinking...Slight obsession!!! lol

Full skirts, high waist, interesting prints and color....yep that's all me.  Sometimes I feel like Jasmine (creator of Jibri) is my long lost Fashion fairy mother.  Every season I am saving my coins to get that one signature piece.

I finally got a chance to meet her this past FFFW (even though we have talked and I have her on speed dial ..lol) and now we are bff (well in my head at lease lol)

Let me share with you this love affair. 

My first piece from Jibri was this one shoulder dress.  I love the print and the fabric is amazing.  I thought to myself "Now this designer knows my body!!!")

My next purchases was the all famous high waist skirts.  The fabric of the skirt is taunt so its holds it shape.  I was in love with everything about it. Shape, color combo, fabric, pattern ..you name it...I loved it.  I have constantly re-invented these skirts and worn them to work, events and parties.

Even when I got a chance to meet the ultimate stylist Mr. Jay Manuel....I wore Jibri!!!!

Red lip and Colorful Skirt.  Very different look for me!!!

My most recent purchase was of the high waist belted skirt.  Again....it was an investment piece that has been paying off well.  I bought in Blue and Yellow and love it.  I have lost some weight since first making the purchase but with the belt I can tighten the belt and it still looks amazing.

Its easy to say that I am in love with Jibri and with every new purchase it grows and grows.  This is a love affair that is growing and getting more and more interesting.  I recently bought another Jibri piece but its so hot...I want to unveil it at a later date. Can have you guys knowing everything!!!

 This new dress is unique and one for the books.  Stay tuned...

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