N.E.C. STYLE: Fashion Pick of the Week: Red Gas Can

Fashion Pick of the Week: Red Gas Can

So for those of you who are not in NYC you must be thinking what the hell am I talking about. Let me explain

As much of you know, Hurricane Sandy hit the city hard on last Sunday-Monday.  Not only was there serious property damage, a lost of 22 lives, school closing, flooding and a total break down of our Transit System....but we have experienced one thing that have changed the way New Yorker's operate.

By the Thursday after the storm, gas stations were reporting low levels of gas which caused people to run out to their local gas stations and fill up.  If not their cars then these FAB Red Gas tanks.

By Friday most gas station in NYC were empty!!!

I went to my local gas station on the Friday before the storm and saw that the owner had bought a full corner of Red Gas tanks.  I thought "wow there is no need for that"
By the Saturday after the storm hit, I went back in and they were gone.  The station mobile owner said they were all sold in One day!!! He said "It didn't even take a full day to sell them...I would say 3 hrs they were all gone"  when I asked him how many he bought he said 30!!! 30 Gas cans gone in 3 hrs!!! I haven't seen exclusive designs go for that fast....well maybe Versace line at H&M, but anyway.
Anything that moves that fast is one trendy ass item!!!

On the same Saturday this same station was the only station in my section of Brooklyn that had gas.  Because of this their was two lines.  One that wrapped for about 8 blocks and a second line of cars that stretch the same amount of blocks.  When I asked someone in the front of the line how long they were on line they said 4.5 hrs.!!! WOW!!! And she has the same Red Gas Can.

Getting back to why I picked the gas can as the fashion pick of the week.  This item is the hottest, most in demand item to be sold in nyc this week. Having something in NYC that is in high demand, everyone is carrying one and want more of makes it an NEC Fashion pick!!! Fashion is not only about clothing.  Its about having something that other people want to have and would buy from you.  That is exactly what these gas cans are.

 Here are some pictures of the lines that I snapped at the mobile station

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