N.E.C. STYLE: Fashion Pick of the Week: Alyx of JCPenny Peplem Dress

Fashion Pick of the Week: Alyx of JCPenny Peplem Dress

The fashion fairies have gone into hibernation and left me to follow such a great blog series.  I have to thank everyone that helped in selecting the 12 dresses of Christmas.  Amazing job and amazing feedback from all. 

So now N.E.C. has returned with our Fashion Pick of the week. 
This dress was told to me by one of my customers and I thought, no way does J.C. Penny have a great fashion plus line.  I'm so so wrong The Alyx collection is good but this Red number is amazing. This Peplem is very similar to Nine West sheath peplem dress. The biggest advantages of this one is it goes up to a generous 3xl and the price!!!   The price is 40.00 retail and no this is not a sale price.  BANANA'S!!! 
It comes also in classic black if you were wondering.  

This is the perfect addition to your closet that will keep you on trend but not break your bank. 


Katherine Collmer said...

I love this one! An in my color, too! It's very tasteful and looks comfortable! And at such a nice price. Looks like a good buy. Thanks!

Nanthale Collins said...

Your welcome!!!