N.E.C. STYLE: Backstage @ Marlon Gobel Spring 2013: The Stars!!!

Backstage @ Marlon Gobel Spring 2013: The Stars!!!

Once again I was apart of the team backstage at Marlon Gobel Spring 2013 Fashion week last Sept.!!!

The best thing about working Marlon Show is everyone remembers you!!! Its like going to your favorite bar.  Everyone knows your name.  What a great experience to have models who are seen all over the world say "Hey Nant!!!! What you been up too!?!"  Unfortunately, AHHHH! is all I could say.  lol


Here are some pictures of me and the models. 

Anyway back to fashion.  Marlon Spring/Summer Collection: The Stars was out of this world...no pun intended.  Belts to look like the rings of Saturn, shinny flight jackets, star dusted shirts and printed structured suits!!! Oh....my...ga-ga!!!

I was in love from first look and the stars were in my eyes.  

Flight jackets were amazing and was so was very excited about them.  
The suits were amazing and felt soft to the touch.  What I liked about them, and most of Marlon's collections,  are the intricate details.  These suits had small Swaraski crystal covered buttons which could only be seen if you were close to the clothes.   Being this close to greatness is the reason why I love working backstage at Marlon show.  It's the little details that made this collection amazing!!! 

I loved the collection!!! Even though its just ended I cant wait to see what next in February !!  

  Below watch the full show. Enjoy!!!

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