N.E.C. STYLE: Full Figured and FAB?...How do I do it?

Full Figured and FAB?...How do I do it?

 I'm continuously asked....
1. Where do you get your clothes ?
2. How do you make the same thing look different every time?
3. Girl...I want to dress like you but, I cant afford to go shopping?

Here are my answers:

1. I rarely...wait, never! say where I get my clothes.  When I do say, its because I know they're not making it anymore or its a one of a kind. Sorry!!! The stylist in me cant tell all. LMAO

2. This is a Multi part answer
A. I clean my closet twice a year.  Its a commitment but, when your done you will feel like have a brand new closet. I won't go into detail on closet cleansing (that is a service my clients receive and I would feel bad giving away something they pay hard earned money for).
B. Outfit calender.  I committed to never wear the same thing within a weeks time.  So if I wear my jean jacket on Monday The earliest I can wear it again is next week Tuesday. Also, if I wear two things together I make a point to not wear them together again the next time.
C. Know your stand out pieces   If the jacket stands out more then the shirt I know not to wear the jacket again next week.  If I really want to wear the jacket again I put different accessories and shirt with it.  Simple...true but, it requires some thought.
D. If it doesn't fit into my "world", I don't take you home. I never accept a new piece of clothes without considering what I will wear it with.  If I have to think of new shoes, pants, jackets to make the outfit pop then it doesn't fit into the"world" that I already created.  No need to add the item because it eventually will fall to the back of the closet.

3. Girl, who said I did!!!
In these ruff economic times I have learned to "ball on a budget"
I like to say that I purchase brand new old clothes.  Swapping, trading, flea markets I do it all. I recently found a few swapping groups on FB....yes Facebook!!!! My favorite group is FatToo.  This is a private group that has several sub groups which allows you to swap and shop clothes and accessories for plus size women. I found this group when I was stuck in my house during Super Storm Sandy.  My first week on the group I made $300!!! SWEET!!!!
So all those items that have been taking up room in my closet have gone to happier homes and I have gotten some as well.

Here are a few pictures of recent Items I got from Swaps or FatToo
Wore at QFD fashion show. Belt is my own but dress from a swap in Boston
Sweater vest from FatToo all other items from my closet

Coat picked up at a swap in NYC all other pieces from my closet

Belt skirt and ring picked up at FatToo.  Head Flapper from Flea market

Vest from Fat Too

Sweater from Fat Too all other items from my closet

Another way I worked the sweater vest at a bowling party!!!

Simply Be Top from Fat Too wore at recent Simply Be spring line launch

Jean jacket, Ring and shear Vest from Fattoo

Coat, Bag and leggings from Fat Too

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