N.E.C. STYLE: How to get into NYC Fashion Week?

How to get into NYC Fashion Week?

How to Get into New York Fashion Week

I've been asked a few times by people wanting to know how I get inside NYC Fashion week, but they don't have press passes or invites.  I am reluctant to give out tips to folks because it seems that they only want to attend to "celeb spot".  If this is your reason then stop now.  Go to Lincoln Center stand outside that watch the B-List celebs come out to get their picture taken.  there is enough wanna-bes and feelebrities walking around.  If your not in NYC then watch VH1.  For those of you with a real interest in fashion and fashion week keep reading. 

1. Seriously, you do need credentials to get into Lincoln Center. Press Pass, Invite etc to get in.  But truthfully if you act like you belong then you can get into LC.  I've seen people walk right up to the front door and look directly at security and keep walking with no one stopping them. They were dressed very fashionable and look like NYC socialites so the look was the first great move.  This will get you into LC but not into a show.  
2.  To gain access into a show you NEED to be invited.  Even when invited that doesn't grantee you will get into a show.  The more popular the show DVF, Marc Jacobs, Project Runway, the harder it is to get in.  Most shows have standing room waiting list that will let you in a few min before show starts to fill there shows when the RSVP people have already come in.  They want the show to be filled for camera and photographers to snap pictures of a full house.  This is one of the few ways you can gain access to a show.  I suggest you not go for the more popular shows if you are not press or a celeb  But find a smaller designer that you don't mind seeing and getting inspiration
3. Start a blog.  Start a blog and take pictures of yourself wearing the designers clothing. For the past few years, as local newspapers and magazines stopped footing the bill to send their staff to fashion week, the fashion show audiences have been filled with bloggers. When I first noticed this, I asked a staffer at fashion powerhouse PR Revolution about the increase in invites for bloggers and was told that bloggers are invited cause “they show up” and most write “very positive things” about the lines.
4.  If you really want to go to a show and you don’t have an invite—state that you are from XYZ magazine and you’re editor would love it if you could cover the show. If you get a sympathetic PR staffer, you might get in, if you get a cranky, overworked staffer, you will be escorted out of the tents.

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