N.E.C. STYLE: NEC STYLE Menswear: Suit and Sneaks vs. Suit and Tie

NEC STYLE Menswear: Suit and Sneaks vs. Suit and Tie

Suit and Tie vs Suit and Sneaks

I was watching SNL, for the first time in yrs., with Justin Timberlake hosting and musical guess.   Lets just say he killed it.  Justin, is one of the few that have hosted 5 times..  On top of that he is not a "comedian".  That is a great thing when you think about it.  Cudo's to you Justin for being the unofficial official SNL cast member.

While hosting he also SANG(yes SANG!!!!) his new single "Suit and Tie" feat. Jay-Z.  They had the house jump-in.   Justin wore...suit and tie, Jay....suit and sneaks.

I started to think, which is better?  Suit and sneaks has become the go to look for men going "out on the town".  It is the staple...the normal.  As we all know fashion will and always does change,  There was a time when tux and top hats was the staple for going out.  Could it be that the staple, it reverting back?
Justin is showing a growing trend in menswear for the grown and sexy to dress just that....grown and sexy.

Ladies, lets be truthful.  The guy at the lounge (no one under 30 goes to the club) wearing the suit and tie with one button undone and the tie loosen just a bit is the quintessential of sexy.  Maybe I am speaking for myself but, this is the first guy to catch my attention.  Something about it is down right sexy. Add a French cuff shirt with links and I may just buy you a drink!!! (totally joking....lol)

In conclusion, Get a real suit and tie!!!

Final Thought: The chain and sneaks are nice Jay, but the tux with bow tie and Louis V. string up shoes (yes Justin wore Red Bottoms) is much better.

Here's some Suit and Sneaks looks
Left is not as flashy as right.  Middle is staple white tee and black jeans. Suit and Sneaks *ish!!!

Here is my Suit and Tie looks
Love these bow ties from modern day mogul. 
Black and white is classic and very in this Spring!!!

Suit & Tie *ISH!!!

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