N.E.C. STYLE: Full Figured Fashion Week 2013: Lane Bryant Fashion Style Off

Full Figured Fashion Week 2013: Lane Bryant Fashion Style Off

Lane Bryant FFFweek: Fashion Style Off

N.E.C. Style started as a way for me to talk about something that is near to my heart. Its with that love for fashion that I decided to enter in to Lane Bryant Blogger conference that will happen during Full Figured Fashion Week.  I was so excited to find that my little blog was accepted into the blogger conference but was even more excited when I found that there was also a style out of a Lane Bryant outfit.  YAY!!!! 

My work as a stylist with Thom Browne, the designer for Michelle Obama's Coat and Dress for this year Inauguration, lead me to pick a men's wear inspired look that was feminine and showed off curves.  

My concept: Maria Antoinette meets women of 2010's

Its with that in mind that I picked up a textured lace embroidered skirt, printed collar shirt and ruffle denim crop jacket.  I wanted to pay homage to American designers so kept with a red, white and blue colors.  I also picked model Tyisha Dorsette because I wanted a play on the exaggerated hips of the 1800's fashion.  

With everything set we took to the streets on Brooklyn, NY to do our photo shoot. I was amazed when the photos came back.  Even though we only look 50 shots (which is not a lot) I had a hard time choosing just one.  

For variation with color I paired the look with pink LB pink jacket and matching lace tank.

A link to vote with be on Lane Bryant Facebook page May 20th.
I want people to vote for this look not only because it is "cute" but because it represents a change in fashion.  It is time for the industry to stop being afraid to use plus models in there ads and campaigns.

I believe that this pictures shows....yes we can do high fashion with difficult concepts as well as any other model.  
Click here to vote May 20th -June 14th

Its a wrap!!!!!!

Thank you!!!!
Couldn't do it without you!!!

Credit where credit is due:
Nanthale E. Collins (stylist)
Matey Ghoslow (photographer) www.facebook.com/matey.ghoslow
Tyisha Dorsette (make up and model) www.facebook.com/MzDorsett
Sara Hack-Hodge (FAB hair stylist) www.facebook.com/rahjah.jinni
Isadora Bravo ( photo editor) www.facebook.com/BravoIsa

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