N.E.C. STYLE: Full Figured Fashion Week: Day 3 Lane Bryant Bloggers Conference

Full Figured Fashion Week: Day 3 Lane Bryant Bloggers Conference

This was my very first Bloggers Conference and I was extremely 
happy to be invited by one of the industry Top retailers. Very big for NEC Style!!!

We started the day off with Breakfast and meet and greet at Midtown Lane Bryant Flagship store.  The store is modern, boutique like and intimate.  
While we were at the store we did some meet and greets and I got a chance to talk with two of my fave bloggers.
These women inspired me to start writing about fashion.  I have always been into styling but seeing them write about fashion gave me the motivation to start 4 yrs ago.  So to sit in there presence and talk to them one on one was AMAZEBALLS!!!!

Thanks to Marie and Kelly for all you love and advice.  
Kelly P. & Marie Legitte (The Curvy Fashionista)

Here are some more pictures of Bloggers and Stylist.  
Steffany Allen Stylist

Colleen (Designer, Blogger & Model)

Add caption

Tamara Walker (Blogger & PR) 
Marcy Guevara (Stylist, Blogger and Vlogger)

Allison (model & blogger)

Here are some pictures of the store.  Visit this store when in NYC Lane Bryant 34th St b/w 7th & 8th
Ashley Gram-Larger then life

I called this Urban Jungle

Look of below from above

Cacique-yes it is SEXAY!!!!

Once we were done talking we moved to the Affina Hotel Ball room to take a sneak peak into Fall 2013 line at Lane Bryant.  I cant tell you all right now, will write a more detail blog entry later(and running to my next event), but I can say that you are about to see some amazing items from LB.

Cacique and Lane Bryant have out done themselves for Fall 2013 and I feel so privilege to see it first hand.  

So again Lane Bryant......
Inside Joke!!!

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