N.E.C. STYLE: N.E.C. Style Eye on : Curvy Couture Fall 2013 Full Figured Fashion Week

N.E.C. Style Eye on : Curvy Couture Fall 2013 Full Figured Fashion Week

"We at Curvy Couture are very proud of our products that we offer for sale.  They are not only beautiful to look at, but beautifully made with special technologies to keep you cool and comfortable all day long."-Curvy Couture

Curvy Couture Open up for Full Figured Fashion Week 2013 Retailer Night .  We usually expect the retailers to be low key.  Well, we were in for a sweet surprise!!!  

Garden of Eden
The pink flesh tone sets were a great surprise that we were all floored by!!! The lace cut out applique flowers is a great detail on this light but well constructed bra.  I loved that the panties has a water mark print beneath the applique flowers.  It made a feminine and interesting 3D like print.  These are the sets for someone showing there sweet and sexy side.  Paired with a crown of flowers and light following fabric, the styling was spot on.   

Sexy Bravado 
The combination of lace, velvet pipping and satin scream power and femininity.  I loved the styling with thigh highs and metallic mask.  You are woman....hear you roar!!! 

Ring Master 
The sparkly Corsets with velvet gloves, top hats and cane was amazing.
What women does like to sparkle and shine.  Plus, when your the ring master you control the show in and out of the bedroom.  I cant wait to get my hands on this set.  This was a fave of mine.  

Liris Killing it like always

Burlesque Show
Finally there were the Boa feathers and mask that are to expected when the La Belles "Lady Marmalade" is playing in the background.  I love the simplicity of these sets.  With a little sparkle and a lot of color you can wear these everyday and feel fantastic.  Again the Lycra like material with the well construction of the garments was amazing to touch on the skin.

Curvy Couture Retail location is in California but they do have an online store.  Click Here if your ready to shop but these items are not yet available.  
I enjoyed there segment  and can't wait to have a curvy bra set in my top dresser draw.  

If you missed the show,  here are more pictures and a video below 

Video Below!!!!

Title of the looks were made by NEC style and is not subjected to designers ideas...just what we thought when we saw the looks.  

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