N.E.C. STYLE: 30 in 30: Fundraising Challenge

30 in 30: Fundraising Challenge

Are you wondering what is 30 in 30?  This concept came about from a comment by my mom.  

My mom, a fashion lover herself and the person learned a lot about classic style from, was watching me get ready for an event when she made a comment.    I knew this comment was a dig and not really a question but it spawned a challenge so thanks mom.
I was looking at three different outfits to wear and couldn't decide (haven't we all been there).  When I went to pull out look outfit#4 she said, "You have enough clothes to wear an outfit a day and never wear the same thing twice!!!" 

Now this coming from the woman who taught me everything I know, I knew she was being cheeky, maybe even funny, but I thought....lets see if I can do that.  Lets see if I can wear an outfit a day for 30 days, not repeat and still keep it fab!!!

So starting September 1st I will wear an outfit, put the outfit on a rack and never wear it again.  Now jeans or leggings will not count (hello here is no way I could only wear my jeggins or Teggings just once!!! lol) but will not wear the same complete outfit again. 

I am not only doing this to challenge myself but to raise money for charity.  

A good friend of mine, Vanessa Bracetti, has a non for profit organization called Expecting Relief.

This organization was started by Venessa and her sisters in order to help women that need the basic necessities for their new born babies.  Vanessa and her sisters go to shelters or hospitals and give women clothing, bibs, blankets, etc. to these women. 
We all know that bringing a child into this world is a beautiful thing but  there are mothers that are not prepared for that little bundle of joy and need some help. 

In order to raise money for Expecting Relief, I will sell one outfit a week from this challege. So if you know anyone that wears a size 22-26 and looking for some fab fashion tell them to come to this blog and bid on the outfits. Remember we are trying to raise money so the more who know the better the chance to give some serious money to this charity.  

If you would like to sell an outfit for Expecting Relief or join me in the 30 in 30 challenge please email necorg@gmail.com

To make a donation to Expecting Relief please visit.  http://www.expectingrelief.org

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