N.E.C. STYLE: MARLON GOBEL S/S 2014 Collection Menswear

MARLON GOBEL S/S 2014 Collection Menswear

Once again I had the opportunity to work backstage at Marlon Gobel S/S 2014 collection for NYC Fashion Week.

I'm just gonna jump right into it. 

 Marlon Collection collection "Built this City", is loosely based on the working Man.  Construction overalls, taunt fitting jeans, workman orange and reflector yellows were all apart of this collection.  If you look close you even saw a wood grain print shirt.
Shirt was wood panel print

Marlon classic boomer jacket in construction beige

Workman's Blue Overalls and bow tie...love it

Studded jacket reminds me of studs used in buildings

From this show I had two favorite looks.  The first worn by Pedro (sorry forgot last name) I loved the color combo and the mash-up of bow ties and casual wear really came across well.


But my favorite favorite look was this one on model Cory Bonds.  Cory's Blazer was a striking orange with material a mesh like material (the same material seen on sneakers).   In the words of Mr. Gobel himself "No one has ever seen mesh suit jackets"  (He is right!!!)

This color and fabric made me smile from ear to ear as I dresses the models.  

This show was and always is the highlight of my fashion week. 
With Marlon way of refined construction it is no wonder he can say he built this city. 

See below for video of full show.  
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