N.E.C. STYLE: Sneak Peak Gift bag from Lane Bryant

Sneak Peak Gift bag from Lane Bryant

While I was grinding it out on my 9-5 my assistant/babysitter (ie mom) asked if it was okay to accept a package.  I said sure but she then said "this is a hand delivered package!!!! You know anyone sending you something and delivered?"  I quickly said no and to ask where it was from.  My mom being my mom totally screwed up the name and I finally figured out...it was from Lane Bryant!!!!

 A hand delivered bag from Lane Bryant.  OK!!! I was so excited. I started asking a ton of questions (How big is it, what size, is it heavy, etc) but told her to not open it!!! She said "Don't worry it will be in your bedroom so when it blows up I won't be around!"  (Yeah that's my mom!!! lol)

When I got home I discovered a very large white bag with these items inside.

The signature tote from the Isabel & Ruben Toledo Collection  at +Lane Bryant (will blog about that later)
A tee Shirt from the Collection
A full bottle of Caribbean Rum (YUM!!)
A Ruben Toledo artwork original!!!!
And a note from LB wishing me a Happy Holiday (sweet huh?)

Click to purchase this tote

To my surprise, the bag matched the outfit perfectly so snapped a few camera shots of me and the tote. 

Notice Im rockin the Phillip Lim +Target Boom scarf as well.  
Talk about Fashion Collaboration!!!! lol 

Thank you +Lane Bryant for this sneak peak.  I will wear and drink and be merry.  
Happy Holidays Everyone!!!
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