N.E.C. STYLE: 30 in 30 Challenge: Expecting Relief Charitable Donation

30 in 30 Challenge: Expecting Relief Charitable Donation

A few months ago I posted about my 30 in 30 Challenge.  The Challenge in all was a good experience and I finished strong.
A few things that I learned about myself through this challenge:
1. I have ALOT of clothes!!!
2. One thing can look very different from day to day
3. I have things that are for special events or for just feeling extra sexy or extra special ONLY!!!  These outfits can not be worn to work, soccer practice, or fashion events.  The are exclusive to party night or night out with that special someone.
4. Toward then end of the challenge, I had a lot of choices but I really didn't want to wear those choices. (Guess I have more in my closet that I don't like then I thought).

 So now is your chance to get a peak into my closet.  I am selling 4 of my outfits from the challenge for charity.

The charity, Expecting Relief, gives care packages to women that are pregnant but may not not have everything they need for there new baby.  The donate everything from Bibs and bottles to bassinets and strollers.  They are also accepting donation.  Click on pic below and say N.E.C. Style on your donation.

To make a donation please click here

Size range from 24-28. If you don't wear this size pass on to a friend that does) Click on below link to purchased.

Thanks again for all of your support 
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