N.E.C. STYLE: You think I'm a plus size model?

You think I'm a plus size model?

When it came down to picking the final dress for the "12 Dresses of Christmas", I decided to model dress #12 myself.  I'm not sure if it was the makeup, hair or the 3 glasses of wine (...okay 4)  but I LOVED the photographs!!! I thought it was just me loving on myself so I took the photos to friends and family and they all loved them too. 

I have been told I have a pretty face (for a big girl), that I was sexy (for a big girl) and that I knew my stuff as a stylist (for a big girl). It never bothered me (the big girl part), but now people ask "Why didn't anyone ever ask you to model?" 

Before you think I'm about to bash myself realize this.   I have NEVER let my weight be a factor in me being in the fashion industry. I love and study fashion like no one else.  Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that others haven't.  My love and commitment does not stop others from questioning my abilities.  People have asked me:
"Do you really think you can dress me?"
"I think you only know how to dress herself."
"Do you have connections to clothing that fits me." 
and my favorite 
"...YOU did THAT photo shoot!?!" 

Yes I did that shoot!!!

and this one

and this one lol

One time I was stopped from unpacking my pulls at a photo shoot and told "shouldn't you wait for the stylist before you open her stuff?" (Because how could a girl of my size be a the stylist for a major magazine shoot).  I wasn't surprised and shocked and no I didn't tossed that twig on his head.  The truth is, I expect it. 
Even as a plus size stylist/blogger I stand out because of my size.  At a 26/6 (as I call it) I get the same questions in the community I'm suppose to be apart of.  Crazy huh?

Do I get mad at all of this questioning in a community I so adore? No.  I just get more styling jobs, book more Fashion Week shows and keep going to fashion events. I keep pressing and impressing.  Plus or not...it should be my talent not my size that makes me good.  Some get it...some don't.  Those that do, I love you.  Those that don't....YOU WILL.  

Styling for Marlon Gobel Fall 2012 MB fashion week show

So, going back to the original question: "Why hasn't anyone ask me to model?", I hope not to offend but this is my answer......  

Its a HUGE misconception that plus models are fat.  They workout, eat right and take care of there bodies.  They love their body as God created it and don't force it to be something it's not.
It is foolish for me to say at a 26 I am fit.  Plus, if someone told me in order to be a model I needed to be a size 10-12, I would tell them to go to Hell. This is the root as to why modeling is not my thing and why I was never asked.  I see the hard work that goes into being a model and I don't have the determination or the drive for it.
There are many battles in being plus size in America.  I pick the fat fashion stylist with the Audrey Hepburn/ touch of Marlyn Monroe style front line.  I choose to be a stylist!!! Its what I love.  So please, don't think every pretty face who can dress wants to model. I just like looking amazing!!! :)

Am I a model?   No, but I sure can act like one!!!!

I didn't forget about you love...my photographer Matey Ghoslow. 
Thanks for making me see what you have always told me.  

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