N.E.C. STYLE: 12 Dresses of Christmas!!! Dresses 1-3

12 Dresses of Christmas!!! Dresses 1-3

Hello Ladies and Gents!!!!

Well...here we are once again, the holidays...and my favorite time of the year.
Parties, well wishes, the love and of course gifts!!!! The best thing thought is my blog series "12 Dresses of Christmas".
I have been really blessed to have my "12 Dresses of Christmas" become part of magazines and even made into a style class.

Ill be posting about those soon but I had to start sharing these designs with you guys.  I want to thank all designers and retailers who submitted.  There was a lot to go through and we are sorry that we only could choose 12.  But remember,  there is always next year!!!

Hope you all have a great year & your holiday season is filled with love!!!

Nanthale out, fashion fairy in....

On the first, second and third days of Christmas my fashion fairy gave to me....

Tru Diva: Sheer Long Sleeve Top and Sequins Mindi Skirt
Your fashion fairy think to add this accessory if you want some color
**Tru Diva will be having a sample sale this weekend where this outfit will be on sale**
Isabel Toledo for Lane Bryant: Satin Bustier Dress

**Lane Bryant 50% off sales puts this dress @100.00**
Jibri: High wait skirt with Wide Crop Top
we love that the skirt can be
mini(above the knee) or Mindi(mid calf)
**Black Friday sale makes this skirt $70**
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