N.E.C. STYLE: Fox's Empire Episode 2 Gabourey Sidibe in Stripes!!!!

Fox's Empire Episode 2 Gabourey Sidibe in Stripes!!!!

I'm amazed how quickly I became an addict for Fox's Empire.I shocked myself.
 The acting is amazing, very edgy (just the way I like it) and the actors bounce off each other very well.
I missed the show this week because I was at the premier for Wedding Ringer (side comment: go see, its good).  So, I HULU'ed it last night and now I see why IG was going crazy over the BIB.  (That is one serious white girl!!!)

Another reason why I tune in is to see what they're going to put Sidibe in each week. I know that actors wear what show stylist give them so I don't fault the actors just the stylist.
This week people on social media were talking about how Gabby wore horizontal stripes and her arms was out.  I thought "OMG this is going to be hideous" but to my surprise...it wasn't that bad.
I think the color, shape and size of the stripes was fitting for her.  plus having a long chain made your eyes travel down instead of across (little style tip).  I was offended by the wonder woman cuffs on both wrist.  One would have been more then enough
I think that age old rule of "big girls shouldn't wear horizontal stripes" or "big girls shouldn't wear their arms out" are old rules that are constantly broken.  I wear horizontal stripes all the time.   I have large arms and wear them out ALL THE TIME!!!.  I think people just have to get use to seeing a pluser size actor on TV breaking those too old style rules.  Hell she breaks rules just by being on TV so...
Me in Horizontal Stripes.  Its all about the size!!!
One of the many pictures of me with my arms out!!!

Closing thought: It was a nice dress great color and fit.  I like it
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