N.E.C. STYLE: Cinderella Story: Styling a Plus Size Teen to Prom

Cinderella Story: Styling a Plus Size Teen to Prom

Prom is probably the most important day of a young girls life.  Now, image that you cant find a dress.  Not because you cant find one you like but because you cant find one in your SIZE!!!!

I received an email from a friend and Blogger Chardline.  Her email bought me to tears (literally).  See the message I received below!!!

My heart went out to her as I remembered how hard it was as a teenager to find clothes that fit my plus body.  I first thought to donate money but,  I thought "You can do so much more".

I contact bloggers and retailers to see who could help me get this girl to prom.  After a few email blogger Kelly Augustine, helped me to get a donation from Sydney Closet.  Lane Bryant donated all of her accessories and undergarments (which to a plus size girl is a MUST).  I also want to give a shout out to Alissa (stylish curves) for her donations.

I took a trip to Boston to give her the dress and advise her on styling her hair & makeup.

Chardline said it best when she said "it takes a village".  And the plus size "village"showed up and showed out!!!

Her "Go Fund Me" donation total $500 and since her dress was donated, funds were used to complete the look.
 Finally, photographer Tokyo, donated a full photo shoot of her on her special day.  AMAZING!!!!

Words can not express how full my heart became when I saw my prom princess laughing and smiling on her special day.  This is the reason why I love styling.  To see a person transform and have their confidence grow is amazing.  I have a new love for the plus community for showing up and giving this girl so much love.  This has truly been an amazing journey and one I could totally do again.

The organization, United Sisters of Color, gives prom dresses and tux to Boston students every year.  If you have prom dresses, tux or donations to help them next year, please contact Desiree

OK so I know you guys are dying to see her pictures so here you go.   

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