N.E.C. STYLE: #PLUSISEQUAL Lane Bryant Campaign for Size acceptance in the Fashion Community

#PLUSISEQUAL Lane Bryant Campaign for Size acceptance in the Fashion Community

"The company, which offers sizes 14 to 28, launched its "Plus is Equal" campaign in Times Square yesterday. The campaign is meant to celebrate women of all shapes and sizes, and calls for greater representation of women of all body types."-USA Today.com

Lane Bryant has been a leading retailer in revamping old thoughts about plus size women and her style.  

On the heels of their first campaign, "I'm No Angel", success "Plus Is Equal" got the attention of the fashion industry to accept plus size into the main stream fashion.  

The  campaign kicked off with a "Times Square Take Over".  I got to the festivities a bit late (its fashion week guys...lol) but as I walked up I jumped right into the fun. I came just as "Pretty Big" (a plus size dance troop) was hitting the stage.  They bought up some people from the crowd and had them dance with them.  Women were dancing and having a good time celebrating their size with no care for how the crowed perceived them.

I looked back and saw models,bloggers, stylist and people of all sizes clapping and enjoying themselves.

The fun continued at the 34th st flagship store where everyone got a chance to get up close and personal with the models in the Lane Bryant commercial, celebrity stylist Mr. Brad Goreski, CEO of Lane Bryant Linda Heasley & Wendy Williams.  

Bloggers got a chance to ask question and I learned some great things from Brad, Wendy and whats next for Lane Bryant. To share a little....
Wendy is a huge fan of wearing "A Negligee in the day" (totally agree and this should be a hashtag) 
Brad style tip: "Not everything is for everybody.  That's why me and my boyfriend don't share clothes!!!" (that is a huge fashion no no I tell all my clients)
Finally, Heasley said "We (Lane Bryant) are going to continue to be disruptive..." (Agree 2x)

yes i feel we are friends... yes we are on a first name basis

Lane Bryant has given us a platform to talk fashion and model equalityThe fashion revolution is coming and getting plus models to be main stream is coming too.   What we do with that platform is up to us. 

All in all...it was an amazing day for me.  To talk to a woman who is the CEO of a major corporation, meet and talking to Wendy Williams and style/career tips from a celebrity stylist I inspire to be.   In my opinion that is the meaning of plusisequal. A plus size woman getting the opportunity to do her dreams the same as any other woman. 

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