N.E.C. STYLE: VMA's Red Carpet: Best & Worst Dress

VMA's Red Carpet: Best & Worst Dress

TOTALLY by accident I watched the VMA's with Miley as the host.  I had a feeling it would be an acid trip I was to old to take but with it being on every channel I kind of had no choice right???

So now that we have new topics of conversations around the water cooler at work (Miley outfit, Nikki and Miley Beef, and Kanye for President) lets talk what I know the most about...fashion

Here are my worst and best dress from last night.

Best Dress
Taylor Swift
I so want this jump suit!
If anyone can make this in Plus I would wear it. 
It was appropriate for the VMA's and her makeup and hair is perfect

Kylie Jenner
She is 18 and not playing with her style. 
Watch out Kim...your baby sis is giving me life.
The hair is darker than I'm use to but it looks good on her and the makeup....flawless
Any other awards show, I probably wouldn't think this was appropriate but its the VMA's!!!!
Fashion is suppose to be pushed and not abide by rules.
I love anything that shows off an amazing body but doesn't look skanky

Nick Jonas
head to toe leather with gold zips....oh right now Nick
This much leather could sometime be over kill but it looks bad ass on him.
And the color was not black which helped.

Prince Royce
How I would have love to "Back It Up" (latest single with fellow Bronx Native Jennifer Lopez)
 with this Latin Song writer/singer.
The hair, the outfit, and that morning after stubble was a great choice.

Worst Dress

Kanye & Kim West
A little too casual for me. 
Kanye for president?!?....In a post apocalyptic word...sure. 
Kanye better learn from Obama how to dress appropriately when running for....anything
Jeremy Scott
Don't be mad at me Mr. Scott. 
Love your designs and your my stylist God Father but it wouldn't be right if I didn't tell the truth.
this candy multi color tux is worthy of worst dress.
I want to love it but its really hard to look at.
Kelly Osborne
Too much wrong to not call the Fashion Police!!!
She usually kills it but this is all wrong.
The pinstripes, the hair, the length in the pants and the fit all wrong.
Justin Bieber
When a kid from a horse ranch runs way and joins a boy band you have this look.
It was party meets grunge meets cowboy???
Not feeling it Beber but still love you and welcome back!!!!



Pharrell & Helen
I loved Pharell's look but hated Helen's. 
Non matching strings in her shoes, Purse(or whatever that is in her hand), overalls and hair just was not working for me.
Can we sing "Safety Dance" Now
Mr. Willams, on the other,  was ok and felt he executed the look better.
Don't worry if your fave celibrity didn't make it....that just mean they were in the middle.
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