N.E.C. STYLE: OOTD: Pink Moto leather & jeans + 3 ways I improved my confidence and so can you

OOTD: Pink Moto leather & jeans + 3 ways I improved my confidence and so can you

With 60 degree days in December NYC is feeling like Florida in winter (my inner polar bear is hurting). But that's no reason for me to not look amazing

How I improved my confidence in my blog and myself.


 Outfit Detail
Leather Jacket: Torrid
Black.White Top: Adam Lippes for Target
Jeans: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Target



 I wanted to help and inspire more women looking past their size into being as comfortable in their skin as I am. But they cant be inspired if they don't know who I am. I had one issue...I didn't think I could.  I didn't know how to improve my blog nor did I have the time.  With a full time job, a single mom and styling part time how could I improve my blog?  I didn't have the camera needed to take the pictures nor did I have someone to take my picture for me. 

I set out to find a way to rejuvenate my confidence.  I needed to be rebooted and renewed. I found this article on Entrepreneur Magazine that changed me for the better.  No matter if your have a business or not these things will help everyone in anyway improve themselves.   I felt the need to share with you all

1. Get Rid of doubt:  Find and plan something every day that helps you get rid of that doubt.

Being a plus size women my whole life, I have the world telling me I'm not enough.  With all that coming at you at all times sometimes its hard to not listen to it.  I realize something.  Why would anyone believe in me or my ideas if I don't believe in myself? To counter act that,  I do one thing everyday to chip away at my self doubt. 
Place a list of things you can do for yourself to get rid of your self doubt.  Place it somewhere you can see before you go to bed and as you wake up.  

2. Reach for a new challenge: Get out your comfort zone.  

I didn't lacked confidence in my styling or writing but I was fearful of failure and success.  I was scared to try something and fail AND feared success would bring on "haters". Those thoughts kept me in my comfort zone for YEARS.   I let valuable opportunities pass me by all the time but not anymore. 
Once a week,  reach beyond your comfort zone and risk rejection or success with no fear.

3. Unconfident people often feel at the mercy of external circumstances.

Remember all those excuses I wrote in the beginning.  That's exactly what they were....excuses.  
I know successful people aren’t deterred by obstacles they over come them. 
Look every excuse in the face and find an answer to them all.  Set items in place so those excuses NEVER become a reason again.
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