Taking a look back at the movie "Clueless" I decided to give a "montage" of pics of this outfit. 
I was such a tomboy in the 90's so short skirts and crop sweaters was SO not apart of my everyday wear.  I've had this shirt skirt for a while and decided to revive it. (with this warm ass Winter we having why not!!!)
I wanted to do something fun and flirty and show these thick ass thighs off....(but in a classy way) 

Ready....here we go!!!!

Full outfit including jewelry was pull together from Thrift shops in Boston and NY

The future so bright...I gotta wear shades

Thanks to Convent Garden in Harlem for allowing me to shoot in and around their garden.  


"In the fashion industry, the majority are the minority.  'Plus-size' is virtually invisible in mainstream fashion, despite 65 percent of American women being size 14 or larger.  PLUS! tells the story of five women trying to change that."-  PLUS!

Photo credit: Rick Jones
Plus!, a documentary for Columbia School of Journalism filmmaker Sandra Chuma, take a look in to the word of plus size fashion and the women in it.  
The documentary follows some of the most influential women in the plus industry as they pull together to create and promote "Full Figured Fashion Week".  


The highlight of the movie is 19 year old self taught designer Hanna Olson from Nebraska.  Hanna clothing line, Hannah Caroline Couture,  was first showcased during FFFweek 2015.  Prior to the film, I saw the fashion line and had no idea that the designer was self taught from "You Tube" let alone 19. Amazing line is all I can say.

The documentary also follows in the shadows of women like Gwen Devoe, Sharon Quinn, and Emme in their quest to create a platform for plus size fashion. 

Having spoken to Santra a few times on IG I really wanted to show support not only for something so creative but also something so positive.  Plus Indie/documentary films are always welcomed.  
No word on if the film will be release to the public just yet.  For now, check out the trailer below

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