N.E.C. STYLE: OOTD: All Black Everything & Balmain PLUS 5 Tips to Set New Year Goal NOT Resolutions

OOTD: All Black Everything & Balmain PLUS 5 Tips to Set New Year Goal NOT Resolutions

Happy 2016 Everyone. How exciting is it to face the new year.  With all our hopes and dreams and 365 days(this is a leap year) to change our lives.  I too feel excited about this year and wanted you all  set goals not resolutions.I want to share what I do so we all are new version of ourselves by 12/31/16.
But first, you know I have to bring the FASHION!!!

I'm a NYC girl so all black is a staple look. 
This crop top has become a new favorite to my closet and a perfect match to my harem pants which I wear EVERYWEAR. 
I added Balmain earrings from the H&M Collection, to add sparkle, and my leopard shoes to complete my outfit.


Outfit Detail
Pants: Jibri
Top: Lela Rose
Shoes: Barefoottess


5 Tips to Set New Year Goal NOT Resolutions
1. Goals should be clear, specific, and measureable
When we focus on what we want the way to get there becomes evident
For example. if your goal is to loose weight don't say "I want to loose weight"  say "I want to loose 20lbs in 3 months by working out with a trainer and getting my meal plan together with a nutritionist"
See...specific, clear and measurable with a how to do it.

2.Make it your own goal
You may see others reaching for higher goals but that's not important.  These are for you.  You have to set goals that are attainable.  This way you won't fail. 

3.Speak on your Goals
Don't make your goals and keep to yourself.  Tell your friends and family. By speaking what you want into the world it makes your goal more realistic.
You want to quit your job and start your own business?...let friend and family know.  You never know if someone hears your goal and want to help or better yet they want to partner with you to make it happen.

4.Take action. Now.
This is why I call this "Set Goals NOT Resolutions".  Resolutions are set to start at a specific date, goals start NOW!!!Get a pad and write down what you want for 2016 today
Post it (on social media and your wall), figure out how to get it done.  Don't wait until after New Years Day.  Remember that line from House Party 2 "Time waits for no man!!!"

5. Reward yourself
When you hit a milestone along the way, reward yourself. Plan each milestone, and your reward will help keep you focused.
Lost 5lbs go get your nails done.  Lost 10...get a facial.  Loose the 20...time to shop for a new outfit and celebrate with a night out. 
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