N.E.C. STYLE: N.E.C. STYLEYE: The Otis Collection

N.E.C. STYLEYE: The Otis Collection

“This collaboration is an important step in our continuing mission to change the conversation regarding plus-size fashion,”  Linda Heasley, Lane Bryant’s president and chief executive

We say we want more designers to design for plus size women.  We say we want fashionable  items just as our skinny girl friends wear.  Well Lane Bryant has partnered with The Otis College of Art and Design’s in California and cultivated a super limited super explosive line called "The Otis Collection.

  "We’re always looking at the future of fashion…and how every body can be represented. So when Isabel Toledo suggested that we work with OTIS, we jumped at the idea."
Lou Ann Bett, EVP Chief Merchandising Officer, Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant worked with 12 young designers and checked in on there sketching, fitting and silhouette building to make the collection correct for all body types.  The items were then made and put on a fashion show in swanky Beverly Hills.

Lane Bryant has launch the collection online is made available on Lanebryant.com and a few flagship stores.

I have to say that are some of the most fashionable creative pieces I have.  The collection was suppose to be work outfits and some of them are.  A few I see as young artsy women working in a creative environment or  a 30 something trendy blogger from Brooklyn (hint hint hint).

I have to say my favorite pieces for work is the laser cut pencil skirt,  long boucle vest and printed sheath dress.

But the jersey tee is defiantly needed for my creative side.

After I pick up a few items I'll let you guys know if it works for 24+

“Working with the future of fashion is incredibly inspiring, and I can’t wait for our customers to see what these talented individuals designed.”
Linda Heasley, Lane Bryant’s president and chief executive

If we want the fashion industry to look at #plusisequal we have to do more then just say we are we have to show we are.   Action has to be taken.  Looking to the young designers to show yes plus size has the money you just have to make it is an AMAZING idea.  (Wonder why no one else thought of this???)

Can you image if one of the students that participated in this project  becomes next DVF??? The impact this would have will last thought his/her career.    They will now have an understanding and bring that communication about Equality when making their collection because they know we have the money.  They will feel different about the plus market and never forget to leave us out because they know from experience we have money on the table.

We as a community need to invest in our your designers, bloggers, makeup artist and models.  They are the ones who will make the difference.  Yes we have to keep talking about the p[resent state of the situation  but lets ALSO work on changing the future as well.

I like to thank Lane Bryant and their team for putting action behind their "plus is equal" campaign

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