N.E.C. STYLE: OOTD Casual black from Torrid/ New Haircut

OOTD Casual black from Torrid/ New Haircut

Lets get it out the way.  Yes I cut my hair.  I was in the process of going natural and had about 4 inches of natural hair and was ready to do the "big cut". 

What my hair looked like before the cut 


I washed my hair and had enough to see what my natural hair would look like...and to my surprise....I didn't like it.  It was brittle and had no life. 
I don't know why but I just didn't like it. 
Something about turning 35 has really changed my hair, nails & skin.  Been on the search to get that youthfulness back (all suggestion will be accepted!!!)
I made the decision to get a cut now find a stylist who can take care of my hair.  I stepped into Body and Soul with the decision to relax it, cut it short but keep it long in the front.  

I was bummed that I wasn't able to go natural but really love the look and the cut.  It's exactly what this budding blogger needs in her busy life. 

Special thank you to Delsie and the whole crew from "Body & Soul BK"


Running around these NYC streets gathering items, window shopping, running to shoots I need to be casual and comfortable.  Black is like my uniform so I try not to show you guys too much.  (Most of the time its not photographable anyways). This outfit was spot on. felt fab but comfortable enough to run a shoot!!! 
I recently went to Torrid and got a TON of clearance items that I am starting to question how I lived without. 
NYC as your background!?!...you cant loose

Sweater is from Rebel Wilson Collection and is very oversize.  The only one left was a size 4xl but took it because I loved the rocker look and how it hung off my shoulder. 
The super oversize is what I need but the design keep it from being frumpy.  Also the leggings are SUPER soft but thick.  No thigh shots for me!!!!
Boots are also from torrid which I picked up for a whopping 13 bucks!!!! YAY ME!!!!!

This backpack is my LIFE!!!!
I go no were without it

Jacket: Calvin Klein
Sweater: Rebel Wilson for Torrid
Flannel Shit: Old Boyfriend (no name in tag)
Leggings: Torrid
Boots: Torrid
Backpack & Shades: Forever21
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